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Anti-ageing concentrated treatment that prevents and works against oxidative cell damage. It protect fibroblasts and improves collagen fiber synthesis.
Biological shield against oxidation produced by UVB, UVA, IR, and VISIBLE LIGHT (HEV). Protects the natural antioxidant system and barrier function of the skin. Prevents photo and Chrono-ageing.



Cellular oxidation and aging

Oxidation is the main cellular process that causes tissue ageing and visible signs of skin ageing. It is an endogenous process that accelerates as a result of many exogenous factors:

Atmospheric factors:

Sun exposure (UVA, UVB, HEV, IR), environmental pollution, ozone…

Lifestyle factors:

Sleep disorders, artificial light sources (HEV), smoking, eating habits, chemical agents (unsuitable cosmetics, medical products…), stress…


  • Degradation of collagen and elastin fibres.
  • Slowing down of cell metabolism.
  • DNA damage.
  • Weakening of the barrier function.


The mesoestetic solution: aox ferulic advanced antioxidant

  • TECHNOLOGICAL SHIELD: Acts as a biological protective agent against oxidation caused
  • By sources of blue light, computer screens, televisions, etc.
  • ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Counteracts the oxidative damage caused by the numerous external aggressions faced by the skin on a daily basis.
  • ANTIAGING CONCENTRATE: Boosts the synthesis of collagen and protects the cells responsible
  • For its production by promoting skin elasticity and turgor.
  • INSTANT RADIANCE: Its revitalizing action has an immediate radiant effect on the skin.

Active ingredients

  • Ascorbic acid: The pure vitamin C present in the formula provides high antioxidant protection by neutralizing the free radicals that cause oxidation. It helps to increase collagen synthesis in the skin, improving its elasticity and firmness, and giving it a brighter and more uniform tone.
  • Protech-cell Complex: An exclusive complex combining the known antioxidant benefits of alpha-tocopherol with the multiple properties of an innovative active ingredient. The result is an advanced antioxidant action, protecting the skin lipids and boosting protection against oxidation caused by infrared radiation and visible light.
  • Ferulic acid: This helps prevent oxidative stress caused by external attacks, and enhances protection of the fibroblasts


Indications for use

  • Apply 4-5 drops on a cream and dry skin
  • Proceed with your usual anti-ageing or sunscreen treatment.
  • For a daily protection against external aggression, apply each morning before your daily cream.
  • For an intensive action, apply each morning and evening.
  • To maximize the effect, proceed with the treatment for 4 weeks.